About Jack & Finn Harries (insp x)

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AU MEME #9 - dating Finn and being best friends with Jack


yourself and Jack had been bestfriends since you were kids and you had grown up together, but you had also been dating finn for over four years and at first it was weird and awkward that you were dating your bestfriends brother, but time went by and now the three of you are as close as anything.

finn is a very over-protective guy so during your time your relationship hes gotten into a few fights with guys that were hitting on you or making him jealous. but hes also the sweetest guy ever and automatically feels bad after hurting someone.

Finn in Africa

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JACKSGAP CHALLENGE: five collabs[2/5]

Twin Telepathy - JacksGap + Danisnotonfire


Troyes Tyler Oakley dance impression

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